Humidifier For Winter Months – How A Humidifier Keeps House Warmer

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Using A Humidifier For Winter Months

How A Humidifier Keeps House Warmer In The Winter Months

I live in Maine and in the Fall is the transition time from warm to cold and some days it is like winter indoors. But one thing I recently noticed about this time is that despite my home being at winter temperatures it did not feel that way. So how can this be? It’s because in the Fall the home does not have the dry conditions of Winter. So I realized a humidifier keeps house warm so decided to buy a humidifier for winter months. Now I have the small personal Ice Fan Air Conditioner or Ice Fan Cooler that I bought where I found helped with keeping cool in the Summer. I plan to add that to the mix for winter as it is a humidifier. But for winter my goal is to keep room warm with humidifier so I need one that can handle a whole room. So below are the ones on Amazon I’m considering and they vary in options:

One of my concerns is Humidifiers and Mold but there’s even a product that can help reduce mold:

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