7 Wall Panel Heater Tips: Some Helpful Tips For Using Wall Panel Heaters

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My Wall Panel Heater Tips

I have used wall panel heaters for many years and though I love them no heater is perfect. And wall panel heaters are no exception. Common complaints I’ve read about and experienced myself include smell, cracks, switches break and takes a long time to heat or does not heat a room. Some of these are personal like preferred temperature. And some may not be a problem at all like smell as it generally goes away after a short amount of time. So below are some Helpful Tips For Using Wall Panel Heaters:

1. That Initial Smell…

Yes with new Wall Panel Heaters there is the initial smell. My advice…just wait a bit as it generally disappears over a few hours. I remember a time when one smelled for a while and the problem ended up being the foil that attaches to the wall in back of it. The foil moved away from the wall at one corner and thus a smell from the heater touching it. So that is one place to check if a smell suddenly happens. I tack all corners of the foil to the wall. If smell lasts for a long time just contact support. They are very helpful!

2. Those Cracks…

This seems to happen with most Wall Panel Heaters and not necessarily a bad thing. Some cracks are hairline and that means cosmetic. These cracks don’t do harm. As long as the crack doesn’t happen near the control area or go all the way through then it can be easily fixed with silicone caulking. I asked Amaze-Heater Support and they sent me a video where 1/4 of the Amaze-Heater was removed and still worked fine…pretty cool! If you want to avoid cracks I wouldn’t install them in a high traffic area unless you plan to be careful. Also here’s the latest Wall Panel Heater that is crack-resistant. Just click below to read about it on Amazon:

In The Spotlight and New for Fall and Winter: The Econo-Heater Wall Panel Heater That is Crack Resistant To Warm Your Pets, Kids and You!

I use Amaze-Heaters and older Econo-Heaters in my home as primary heating source and one problem with these heaters has been cracking which is usually fixable or contact support for help to remedy. This new Econo-Heater is Crack Resistant so sounds real good to me. To read the reviews and for more info just click on the link…

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3. Selecting The Location For The Heater

This is important! In typical-sized rooms (10×10 or 12×12) with a closed door, they really provide the right amount of heat to keep one warm. So they work best in rooms with a closed door. And that is the best place to first try one out. But they can work well in open area too. What one needs to do is install more than one. And again I wouldn’t install them in a high traffic area unless you plan to be careful. I’ve had Wall Panel Heaters for years that never got a crack and still have some of those in use. It’s also best to install Wall Panel Heaters on an inner wall. Also if you know you’ll be sitting in a recliner a lot watching TV then put the Wall Panel Heater nearby.

4. Use The Amaze-Heater and Cozy-Heater No Drilling Installation Option

Installing a Wall Panel Heater is light handyman work. There’s a template included with the heaters to help in the task. So relatively easy. But the Amaze-Heater and Cozy-Heater No Drilling Installation Option makes it even easier and most people can install the Amaze-Heater by themselves. That is a big advantage of the Amaze-Heater… Here’s that Amaze-Heater and Cozy-Heater No Drilling Installation Option on Amazon for more info…

5. Other Household Items That Work Well With And Help Wall Panel Heaters

These 2 types of home items help Wall Panel Heaters:

6. The On/Off Switches…

I had at least 2 Wall Panel Heaters where the On/Off Switch broke over time so a contractor who did electrical work told me about switches one can by. Here’s 2 of these types of switches I bought on Amazon:

7. Turning On The Heaters Before Using The Room

Everyone is different when it come to warm and cold. As one of the common complaints is that wall panel heaters can’t heat a room that is cold, there’s 2 easy remedies. First you can turn your furnace on and shut it down when you like the way the room feels temperature-wise. Then turn the Wall Panel Heater on. For a room with a closed door you could turn the Wall Panel Heater on an hour or two before using the room.

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